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April 2017 - Dancing About Architecture

It's a cliché that one art form can't really express, or explain, another, but after a lot of thought – and a lot of writing about music – I've decided it's not a very useful one. The fact is, human beings talk, and therefore write, about everything. We use words to at least try to express or explain everything from the most abstruse scientific theories, to the most inexpressible emotional, psychological, or spiritual facets of our existence. There's no reason we shouldn't talk, or write, about music; we just have to keep things in perspective.

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Posted on 3/6/2017

Following three sold out tours over the last year and a half, Joe is mounting one more “encore” to the Fast Forward Tour.

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Vinyl Re-Issue of I'm The Man
Posted on 4/29/2016

I'm The Man is now available again on vinyl, thanks to a 180G (Dead Quiet) re-issue pressed by RTI. This new edition has been 100% Analog AAA mastered by Kevin Gray, with beautifully restored cover art printed by Stoughton on heavy stock.

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