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September 2019: Tour Edition, Part 1

Revenge of Son of WILT

It must be very hard for anyone who's never been a touring musician to imagine what it's like. Some people think it must be a nonstop rolling party, a feast of debauchery that no one in a fair world should really be able to get away with. Others can't understand how anyone could endure a life so grueling, disorienting, and generally uncomfortable. The truth is that it can go to either of those extremes, but mostly, it's somewhere in between, along with elements of both a camping trip and a stint in the Army.

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Posted on 9/1/2019

This month Joe's music blog 'What I'm Listening To' returns for a two-month limited edition, consisting of reflections on his last tour, touring in general, and what he's been listening to on the road. 

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FOUR DECADE TOUR 2019: Mission Accomplished
Posted on 8/1/2019

Joe is currently enjoying a well-earned medicinal martini in a luxury sanitorium for temporarily burned-out musicians. Meanwhile he would like to thank the following for a fantastic tour . . .

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"GravitĂ  Zero" - Italian Translation Presentation and Signing
Posted on 6/28/2019

Joe will present Gravità Zero - the Italian translation of his memoir A Cure For Gravity at Il Libraccio in Firenze on Sunday, July 21st at 6pm.

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