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        Since I like to write, quite a few people have suggested I write a blog. But I’m not especially interested in writing about myself. I did enough of that in my book (A Cure For Gravity) and even that is as much about music as it is about me.

        Writing about music is difficult, but I still find it interesting to try. So, once a month, I’m going to write a few words about a few things I’ve been listening to. It can’t hurt, and who knows, it might even do some good.

February 2016: Words Fail Me

I feel like I lost a friend recently. Well, not really a friend, but definitely someone who was a part of my life, whom I'd met 3 or 4 times, liked, and admired. I can't seem to either get my head around it or get it out of my head, so there's nothing else I want to write about this month.


DAVID BOWIE: Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Young Americans, Station To Station, Low, Heroes, Lodger, Scary Monsters, Let's Dance, Earthling, Heathen, The Next Day, and Blackstar


This is what I'm listening to, but I have nothing to say about any of it that hasn't already been said. Furthermore, a lot of what's been said is such complete bollocks, that I don't want to add to it.


In previous WILTs I've had fun writing about obscure or underrated music: Värttinnä, Janáček, Don Redman, etc. I've also written about famous or popular people when I felt I had something to say about them. But since I write as an 'amateur' – as a musician and a fan - I reckon it's also OK for me to say something you'll never hear from a pundit or a critic, which is that words fail me.


'Normal service' will probably be resumed next month.