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July 2015: Give The Drummer Some

Like too many other people, I am a very bad, wannabe drummer. I can play a bit, but have never put in the effort to take it to a more competent level (having had a few other things on my plate). Anyway, I seem to relate to drummers, and I have a keen appreciation of good ones. On my new project I've been privileged to work with two of the absolute best around today, Brian Blade and Stanton Moore. But that's another story, or rather, a story soon to be continued. In the meantime, I've been listening to this...


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Fast Forward: A New Album + US Tour Dates
Posted on 7/14/2015

Big news today! Joe Jackson will be releasing a new album Fast Forward on Oct 2nd and touring the US this fall - playing new and old material, solo and with a new band.


Along with songs from the new project, the show will include songs from his entire career, including his most popular albums (Look Sharp, Night and Day). Jackson will be "his own opening act," starting the show with a short solo piano/vocal set before bringing on the full band. The show will also include a surprising cover version or two, which will change from night to night.


For this tour Jackson has reunited with longtime bassist Graham Maby, and added two distinguished and eclectic New York-based musicians, guitarist Teddy Kumpel and drummer Doug Yowell. "We're all strong singers," says Jackson, "and along with that and Teddy's diversity and mastery of effects, and Doug's use of electronic as well as live percussion, we'll sound like a lot more than four people. This tour is going to be a lot of fun - I can't wait."

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