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April 2015: King Louis

Like most music fans, I suppose, I occasionally go through phases of listening a lot to one particular artist. Sometimes I even get a weird feeling that that artist is calling to me, across time and space, even from beyond the grave.


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SFJAZZ Gala - Joni Mitchell
Posted on 4/20/2015

On Friday, May 8th, Joe will perform in an all-star tribute at a gala honoring Joni Mitchell, who is receiving the 2015 SFJAZZ Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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On to Mixing
Posted on 1/23/2015

Update: the recording phase of the new project is now complete. On to mixing.


Stay tuned folks. 

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Steppin' Out - The A&M Years, 1979-89
Posted on 12/9/2014

If you want a single-album snapshot of the first ten years of Joe's career, this is the one to get.

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