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November 2017: It's The Real Thing! Or Is It?

Another month, another maddening miasma of bewildering crap, both in International Affairs and popular culture. Trump and Kim are locked in a Macho Posturing Race (I almost preferred the Arms Race). Some might find an antidote in the routine misandry of pop videos, hours of which I still see at my gym in Berlin. For instance, Not Your Mama, in which Jennifer Lopez, in a series of different 'personae', 'fights back' at various contrived figures of masculine authority (boss, husband) by doing things like throwing food or drink over them and abusing their ties,before segueing into the obligatory sexy dance routine. I know you're not my mama, J.Lo, my mama never dumped my dad's dinner over his head and then shook her butt in skin-tight pants for the camera.

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That's All, Folks!
Posted on 6/27/2017

The Fast Forward tour finally wrapped up on June 25th in San Antonio, Texas – its 88th show. Joe would like to thank the following for one of his most successful and enjoyable tours in many years:

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Joe on Alec Baldwin's
Posted on 5/30/2017

Listen to Joe's wide-ranging conversation with Alec Baldwin on his excellent podcast Here's The Thing HERE

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