. . . . to my new website. We’ve been working on it for some time, and thanks to Brian and Levon for wrestling with a mountain of small details. (I’ve been in this business for a while, and have been inconveniently prolific). It’s also not 100% finished, and features will be added or improved over the coming months.

However, it’s much better organised than the old site, and has a lot of new things on it. There is now much more music to listen to, videos, and a blog of sorts. The information, bio, etc, have all been revised and corrected. A couple of clarifications: the Music archive doesn’t include compilations (since there have been a lot, and I wasn’t involved in any of them) and the ‘Store’ is closed until such time as we have something more worthwhile to sell (apart from music and sheet music).

I spent some time in Holland and Belgium back in March to promote the belated publication of my book in Dutch, and had a great time in New Orleans taking part in a benefit show there in November. Otherwise, it’s been a low-profile year. Behind the scenes, though, I’ve changed my management, done a lot of writing, and taken some time off just to enjoy life. (Why not?!) 2014, however, looks like being a bit more eventful.

Thanks for your support, and a Happy New Year.

Joe Jackson