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 "Fast Forward has more words than anything else I’ve written. It just kept growing and growing. I imagined having a time machine, and hitting ‘fast forward’ until I’m far enough in the future to look back at the present and make sense of it. We’ve got the past all figured out (or think we do) – and we can imagine the future as anything we want. So it’s only the present that’s baffling and maddening. And I think we’re living in a confused and anxious time. The commentary out there is extremely divided, either ‘we’re living in a golden age’ or ‘we’re all screwed’.

I actually started with the chord changes, which constantly cycle through different keys until they end up where they started, only to start again. That triggered thoughts about how things are always changing, yet in some ways stay the same, or go backwards. The lyrics are full of ironies and contradictions. The musicians: Bill Frisell guitar, Brian Blade drums, Graham Maby bass, and the gorgeous violin is Regina Carter. In my mind she represents the Moon looking down on the Earth, both saddened and amused by us humans. And it’s just our attention that fades out at the end; the song goes on forever…" - Joe Jackson